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Journey together

Journey together

The refugee crisis evokes strong feelings.

The chart on this page highlights the emotional journey that many of us are on, plotting our social media responses to major events such as the photograph of the drowned toddler Aylan Kurdi.

The feeling that many people have is one of powerlessness, a sense of despair that the scale of the situation is just too big. How can we move on from the sense of paralysis we often feel, the feeling that there’s nothing that we can do to help?

Perhaps you could start by wearing the ‘Journey Together’ wristband as the first step towards showing solidarity for refugees, or simply offer your friendship and support. You might even be ready to go a step further and offer a room in your home.

Many volunteer and grassroots projects were started by individuals and groups who wanted to help. Perhaps the most effective are the ones that listen to refugees and work side by side with them. You don’t have to start something new, there is a variety of projects and campaigns that would value your involvement.

We have included a selection of groups and organisations that are currently working to support refugees…


UK Twitter data over the past 18 months reveals how public emotion shifts in response to major events.